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Mesmerized by shapes and the colours of nature, and passionate for painting, I use oil colours because of their vibrancy.


I am excited to be showing my work in Canada, though I have had my paintings and illustrations in the biannual, the contemporary art gallery, competitions, prints and books. After establishing myself in Canada, I am finally getting to do what I love, and it is painting, playing with colours and experiencing the magic of colour happening on the pallet and interlacing with brush strokes on canvas.


I come from a family of artistic talents, and my first inspiration was my grand uncle Yevgeny. When I was 4 years old, I often saw him try out his brushes and oil colours on a variety of paintings which he created during his life time. Later Van Gogh’s work was my inspiration and I continue to love impressionistic paintings.


I go beyond the meaning of shapes. Having to see abstract ideas and make new meanings from shades and shapes, is my aim. I can wander for hours and discover new meanings long after a painting is done.


It is important to me to use proper techniques and high quality materials to ensure long lasting artwork.

About me
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